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Because we care about Planet Earth as much as we care about its inhabitants, this Park is GREEN all year!

♦ Our records are computerized (backed-up remotely every day) and try to be as paper-light as possible.

♦ We use recycled paper sources for printing, paper towels, tissues, & toilet paper (not as soft as the non-recycled stuff, but we hope you support our choice!) and we print double-sided as much as possible.

♦ Your invoice can be emailed to you, instead of printed.

♦ We sell naturally preserved pet foods and treats, including vegetarian and home-cooked recipes for dogs (NOTE: cats are obligate carnivores and therefore canNOT be vegetarian, unlike dogs who are omnivores like us).

♦ Your products will be handed to you in paper bags or biodegradable plastic bags - or nothing at all, if you so choose.

♦ We use and sell biodegradable poop-bags.

♦ We use biodegradable kitty litter free from hazardous chemicals (World's Best Cat Litter).

♦ We sort our garbage for composting, recycling, and incineration.

♦ Our deliveries arrive in sturdy, re-useable plastic totes.

♦ We use energy efficient bulbs and as much natural light as possible.

♦ We use rechargeable batteries.

♦ Our x-rays are digital (less radiation produced & no chemicals or x-ray films of which to dispose).

♦ We sterilize our dental and surgical instruments without chemicals, using only steam & intense heat in an Autoclave.

♦ We minimize the use of antibiotics, steroids and vaccines.

♦ We use no pesticides on our lawn or trees and pet-friendly de-icer.

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